Who is BGR?

driven, determined, passionate people

We are a family of diverse multi-cultural thinkers who Builds next Generation Resources of data and communication to fuse a new future of technology.

From the day we decided to start a new business our strategic plan for the path forward has been to develop a new software and concept from one original idea on a new platform, all to enhance and streamline how people work and information is processed.

Today, people around the globe are looking for more information to support their decision making methods to grow and enhance their businesses.

We are committed to reducing the technical barriers in the high-tech industry to improve workflow processes to be as efficient as possible through our flagship solution called TITAN !

As technology continues to evolve, our commitment will always be the same: Helping our peers find the information they need with common language as we like to call it, TITAN !

What is TITAN ? it fuses data from multiple sources and systems by merging a multitude of information into one cohesive platform. Basically, our clients will go from using numerous screens and computers to 1 computer and 1 screen, guiding their company in to the future by saving time and money.

The BGR path forward is to develop a strategic plan to serve our clients with the following priorities: Our mission, vision and values.


Our long-term roadmap starts with a sustainable mission that will bring our family into the future and continue to grow together. Our purpose as a company serves as a new baseline on how we assess our actions and decisions.


To educate, inspire and serve all our clients successfully by merging data to be the best in its class.

Wherever there is a need for streamlined operations and enhanced situational awareness within a sensor environment, BGR has the solution for your business!


The BGR family and its leadership team is responsible, accountable, respectful, effective. We encourage innovation to meet challenges through:

  1. Hard work, honesty, flexibility

  2. Teamwork

  3. Passion and enthusiasm

  4. Acceptance

Message from our co-founder
Sarah Bardelli

As a professional businesswoman in the high-tech industry, I have faced many challenges. Despite a few roadblocks I was not discouraged, it merely made me more determined to push forward.

To make a difference in this world the key is to serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles that my family instilled in me.

I strongly believe in a cohesive platform and structure that will be the future. BGR is the future with a solid team approach that will assure data integrity and quality.


Leadership Team

  • Sarah Bardelli - Co-founder

  • Kieran Gubbins - Co-founder

  • Jeremy Wallis - Executive Director - Business Development

  • Lise Préfontaine - Director General Affairs and Documentation - Consultant

  • Daniel Archambault - Chief Human Resources Officer - Consultant


BGR is a member of The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO). A non-profit business organization whose main objective is to promote business development within Canadian and Italian companies. 

Our team volunteers in the community and enjoys spending time helping others despite their busy schedules serving their clients and building a growing business.

Proud Sponsor of Emeritus Golf

emeritusgolf_logo revised tm (2).jpg

BGR has aligned its corporate responsibility mandate and its commitment to supporting their community by sponsoring Emeritus Golf and Canada's veterans whom served in the military as well as the RCMP and all first responders. This non-profit Canadian organization is in direct alignment with BGRs military focused process, TITAN !

Emeritus Golf hosts golf tournaments in Ontario and New Brunswick and is building on developing a national membership. Their mission is to support all Canadian veterans in enhancing their mental and physical well-being through the game of golf.

Our co-founder, Sarah Bardelli, serves on the Board of Directors of Emeritus Golf.

BGRs team also volunteers at golf events and fundraisers throughout the golf season.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We welcome diversity in thought, gender, and culture.

We have made it a strategic priority.