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Why Titan?

Designed for command and control environments with the aviation and military industry in mind.


Titan doesn't stop there, it's scalable and customized for any business need.

It's easy to implement, vendor agnostic, cost effective, using open architecture, state-of-the art Data Fusion technology, bridging real time data to one platform for maximum efficiency.

BGR brings its clients to the next generation

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  • Back-end data fusion process

  • Designed to provide unmatched situational awareness

  • Used in complex command and control environments

  • Sensor data is synthesized

  • Presented on a singular cohesive display  

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Titan is proof of concept

  • Harnesses information from one sensor point and fuses it with another.

  • Fully customized, vendor agnostic, with a best-in-class platform.

  • Streamlines the decision-making process in complex environments through situational awareness.

  • Uses an agile platform, where the process can be embedded into existing Command and Control systems.

  • Presents information on its fully customized dashboard.

  • Incorporates sensor data from any number of sensors deployed on a network, fuses the data, streamlines the process to accumulate, synthesize and present data to those in Command positions.

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Titan is revolutionary


The Data Fusion process was originally designed for complex Command, Control and Communicate environments, based on the experience of BGR personnel within the Air Navigation Industry. The notion that disparate data formats and source information, required complex synthetizations so as to ensure safety and reliability with regard to civilian and military aircraft, and was the impetus for the creation of Titan.

Developed on a series of CUAS platforms, including the World Class Counter Unmanned Air System Radar and Direction Finders. By leveraging the Titan Data Fusion process to amalgamate two disparate hardware systems, BGR is able to offer greater range and accuracy within the CUAS space, without the owner/operator being bound to one specific vendor or another. 


It turns an active, chaotic situation with the potential to harm personnel, assets, and security, into a network of disparate and deployed sensors to coordinate activities in order to pacify a situation and solve the problem.

The interoperability of open architecture allows generic sharing of sensor data, through the Data Fusion process, turning individual sensors into components of a larger Command and Control system.  

Titan is deployed on a highly scalable cloud environment, and can be deployed on any cloud solution as it uses containers. For data residency and security, private cloud hosting is used.


Data is collected from many sensors and fused into one cohesive platform. 

Titan provides enhanced situational awareness

  • Aggregates and synthesizes data to optimize the Operators decision making process

  • Provides synergy in collective arms warfare readiness

  • Vets data in real-time

  • Identifies and classifies essential elements

  • Supports multi-domain operations

  • Provides instrumentation management

  • Advances military training to develop better performance and effectiveness

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User centric


  • Cloud support service

  • Customized to your needs

  • Publish/Subscribe data bus

  • Operator responsive

  • Use of open standards

  • Simple and easy

  • Plug and play approach

  • Modular design

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Less equipment required

  • Streamlined workflow processes

  • Faster data transfer

  • Efficient

  • Mobile ready

  • Proven and scalable

  • Reduce carbon footprint


  • Military standards

  • Airport quality

  • Open architecture

  • Data fusion

  • Sensor agnostic

  • Cyber security

  • Real time data

  • Process driven

Wherever there is a need for streamlined operations

and enhanced situational awareness within a sensor environment,


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